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Today’s Internet savvy consumer is in search of new and innovative ways to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Many chat platforms offer various bot options such as WebEx or Yahoo Messenger Bot, Botox chat, and Skype bot. However, the latest chat bot, FriendBot, is the one people are really talking about. Recently released in October, FriendBot is an advanced form of the chat application that has a lot of the same capabilities as humans. It is a type of chat bot that allows businesses to use real people to chat with their customers. It is essentially a website chatbot that offers similar capabilities to that of a real life friend or companion.

Businesses spend about $1.3 billion per year on consumer service, which is why chatbot could potentially help companies save up to thirty percent in customer service expenses. More than half of all web users have already used a chatbot in the last year, which means that 35% of all Internet users have utilized a chatbot in some way. This number is rapidly increasing as chatbot technology is becoming more mainstream. If you want to attract direct visitors to your website, chatbot is a great way to go.

When chat bots were first introduced, they were mostly used by online merchants. However, today there are many uses for chat bots. For instance, some online businesses using chat bots have noticed that having chat bot assistants answer questions not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also helps to drive business. The assistants can use voice commands to suggest what they think a person is looking for and also learn what a person is looking for.

Chat bots are excellent for online businesses because it allows the business owner to focus their time and attention on marketing rather than doing technical work. For instance, if a person visits your website and then enters their search request in the messaging area, you probably won’t be interrupted with an e-mail asking them to upgrade to the gold version of your social media app. If you were to use a chatbot bot instead, the chat bot would actually send out the upgrade request as an automated e-mail message. In the instance above, the person would put in the order in a form to be filled out by the assistant before being able to proceed to the chat bot interface. After entering their information, the chat bot would send them the link to the upgrade.

Using a website chatbot allows your website to build up an ever changing list of leads. If someone becomes a lead for your website, you automatically set them up as a potential customer. You can even use website chatbot scripts to streamline the process so you can send a message to each lead individually. After you have sent this message, you can then take over the follow-up conversation with the lead so you can learn more about them. In the end, you’ll be able to sell your products or services to this qualified lead for a large profit.

Another way that chatbot technology can help your website is through the browsing experience. A lot of people often navigate websites with either a keyboard or mouse. This makes it difficult to browse quickly and efficiently without the use of both hands. Since a website chatbot is capable of conversing with visitors as well as being able to browse quickly, your website will feel more natural to your visitor’s browser.

A website chatbot also has the ability to integrate with messaging platforms. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, it’s incredibly easy for your visitor to make purchases with their credit card. However, most users are unable or unwilling to input this information into their computer screen. By using chat interface automation, your website will be able to provide a user-friendly electronic payment terminal. Your website chatbot can make sales transactions possible while your visitor is free to do other things. It’s incredibly convenient for both you and your customer.

All in all, there are many ways that a chat bot can be useful for your WordPress website. The biggest benefits are: it cuts back on costs and time spent interacting with leads; it can make sales transactions fast and easy; it gives your website a more human touch. These factors combine to make a chat bot’s an ideal solution for any website owner. Chat Bots for WordPress are here to stay!