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Fleur de sels have become one of the most popular traditional salt dishes in northern France and even as far south as the Mediterranean region. This salty dish is especially popular in coastal areas where the climate is warm and tends to intensify the flavor of seafood. This dish is made by collecting the thin white dry layer of sulfate salt which rises to the ocean’s surface off the coast of France, mostly but not only on the Brittany area. This salty treat is then compressed into a fine powder which is added to various meals. There are many types of fleur de sel used in cooking today, from being a salty cure for colds to being an important ingredient of certain foods. There are even some fleur de sel salts which are considered to be fine sea salt and is widely available.

Fleur de sels has also been associated with other foods such as pastries, sausages and salami. In fact, it is so versatile that some use it as the main ingredient in some preparations while others sprinkle with fleur de sel on top of meat, fish and poultry. The popularity of fleur de sel among northern French people is due to its ability to make salty cures for a number of ailments. Some consider it a cheaper and more accessible form of sea salt than brine sea salt. Nonetheless, brine sea salt has its own set of fans.

When buying fleur de sel, it is important to understand the differences between the two salts. Brine sea salt is a salt whose crystals are fine enough to float on the surface of the water, while fleur de sel crystals sink to the bottom. This difference in crystal structure makes this finishing salt different from other salts which usually crystallize into large salt crystals once exposed to water. Fleur de sels are usually used as fleur de salons because they contain fine crystal structure which allows them to be sprinkled or dropped onto the skin without creating large salt crystals.

In addition, fleur de sel is also known for having anti-microbial properties and being an effective healer of cuts and burns. It can even help heal wounds that are caused by bites from insects and animals. Because its crystalline structure is slightly larger than other sea salts, it creates larger crystals that have more health-giving properties.

As a result, fleur de sel is very effective against various microorganisms. However, its effectiveness against marine life is reduced due to the presence of calcium and magnesium present in seawater. These minerals are essential for creatures to survive, but excessive levels can eventually cause them to die. So you should only use this salt in water, where it is safe for marine creatures.

Seawater is also very salty because of the presence of minerals like potassium, sulfur, and sodium. So just like table salt, seawater has its own unique properties which make it taste unpleasant and unappealing to humans. However, if you were to substitute fleur de sel with regular table salt, you would immediately notice the difference in taste. Sea salt tastes better because it contains more minerals that improve the taste and nutritive value of food.

If you cannot live without fleur de sel anymore, then you may start shopping for fleur de sel products that you can purchase from local department stores. The market for these salts is constantly growing because of its many benefits and added benefits. But before you buy fleur de sel products, make sure that you are buying them from reputed stores. The cheaper salt will most likely have a lot of impurities and minerals in them, which will actually ruin the taste of the salt. If you have the resources, then you should buy genuine fleur de sel from a renowned store that will guarantee its purity.

The best fleur de lis is created in France, where all natural fleur de sel is harvested right from the Atlantic Ocean itself. France is known for its expertise in harvesting this natural salt and creating the best fleur de sel products. However, because of its popularity, France sells the salt in different forms including bags, plates, figurines and decorative salt pans. The fleur de lis crystal is the salt most people are familiar with as it is mostly featured in fairs, parties and various events. Due to its widespread popularity, it is no longer difficult to find fleur de lis products in department stores and wholesale clubs around the world.