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Himalayan pink salt is an extremely delectable salt with its distinctive pinkish hue. It is produced by natural underground springs and is a member of the Naotropic group of minerals. It is highly valued for its delectable flavor and aesthetic appeal. Since the beginning of mankind, man has been aware of the healing attributes of salt. In fact, salt has been used since ancient times for treating such illnesses as colds, infections, indigestion and even as an anti-aging agent.

Himalayan pink salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. The salt, which sometimes has a pink tint because of trace mineral content, is most commonly used as a salt substitute for refined table salt, but is also frequently used for food and decorative purposes, spa treatments and even as an antiseptic. According to Indian Health facts weil Himalayan salt has four major benefits:

It has three to four times more minerals compared to regular table salt. Himalayan salt contains more magnesium, sulphur, potassium and calcium than any other salt. Each mineral has its own specific health benefit. For example, magnesium helps in improving blood flow; calcium aids in preventing and fighting osteoporosis and blood vessels clogged with plaque are strengthened by calcium.

Salt, when used in cooking, brings out the flavor of food and enhances the aroma of it. Himalayan pink salt not only brings out the flavor, it also accentuates it. Salt is one of the most important elements to be added in a recipe since it affects the flavor and texture greatly. If the salt adds too much flavor it could make it unappetizing, whereas a little bit less adds a nice balance.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps, the other name for salt lamps, are another great use for this kind of salt. You can find these products in various states like Kosher, Silver or Gold. They have become quite popular in homes now because it is not only effective in enhancing the taste and smell of food, but it is effective in reducing stress levels. Stress can increase the blood pressure levels, cause tiredness and weaken the immune system, not to mention the other health benefits that are gained from using them.

There are many medical conditions associated with the human body and its deficiency can lead to serious conditions like memory loss, heart attack, hypertension, obesity and even cancer. It is for this reason that Pakistan has been importing this salt from countries like India and Sri Lanka which produce high quality pink Himalayan salt. It is an excellent treatment for various respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis and lung diseases. Pakistan’s drug administration has also approved this type of salt as a remedy for diarrhea and other stomach complaints. In fact, many health-care experts have also deemed it as a substitute for expensive drugs used in the drug administration.

High blood pressure is a condition wherein fluid in the body accumulates. This condition occurs due to several reasons like increased amount of sodium in the body, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, or when the kidney is unable to eliminate enough sodium from the fluid balance in the body. Pink Himalayan salt contains Sodium Chloride, a chemical compound known to stabilize blood pressure by controlling the rate at which sodium is absorbed by the body. Many other minerals are also present in this type of salt, thus making it more beneficial in terms of health.

There are many benefits associated with pink Himalayan salt, however, most people believe that it is best for treating hypertension. This type of salt does not increase the blood pressure of people. Instead, the opposite is true. It stabilizes the blood pressure, allowing the heart to work properly. A regular table salt contains only one percent of sodium chloride, while Himalayan salt contains 98 percent sodium chloride. Furthermore, most of the salt in the market today is made from recycled salt, making it completely natural.