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Why I Dream Clean Has The Best Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning

If you’re considering hiring a cleaning service to keep your Airbnb listing sparkling, I Dream Clean is an excellent choice. Their Enhanced Cleaning protocol is based on Airbnb’s cleaning handbook, and their cleaners adhere to strict COVID-19 prevention protocols. The Enhanced Cleaning protocol also reduces the amount of clutter in your rental property.

Enhanced Cleaning protocol is based on Airbnb’s cleaning handbook

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is a set of rules for cleaning Airbnb listings that aim to protect the health of Airbnb guests. It was created with guidance from leading health experts, including former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and is based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The protocol requires hosts to follow five steps in the cleaning process and abide by local health and safety guidelines. Those who certify their listings will display an “Enhanced Cleaning Protocol” badge on their listing page. This certification program is currently only available to Airbnb hosts in the United States, but a global rollout is expected to follow shortly.

Airbnb hosts can choose to pay a one-time fee of $20 to $30 per guest night for an enhanced cleaning. However, the fee should be proportionate to the duration of stay. For example, a 14-night stay will require more cleaning than a two-night stay. To keep the average nightly rate low, it is recommended to split the fee over several days.

As part of the new regulations, Airbnb has rewritten their cleaning standards, including personal protective equipment and enhanced cleaning procedures. Additionally, they’ve consulted medical hygiene experts, including former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, to ensure that all hosts follow the new cleaning standards. The new policies will help reduce the risk of illness caused by airborne particles.

The new guidelines will take effect in the United States beginning in May, though Airbnb hasn’t announced a global rollout timeline. Once inventory is available, guests will be able to select Clean Listings to book. The new guidelines also require hosts to go through a training and certification program. Additionally, listings will be clearly labeled as part of the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative inventory.

It requires hosts to follow strict COVID-19 prevention protocol

In an effort to help ensure that their properties are as sanitary as possible, Airbnb has introduced enhanced cleaning protocols. The new protocols are aimed at preventing COVID-19, which can spread quickly through a shared space. The new protocols include five steps and 16 specific cleaning tasks. They include washing hands before and after cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. They also provide a learning and certification program for Airbnb hosts.

The updated guidelines will require hosts to use a variety of approved disinfectants, wear personal protective equipment, and ensure that their properties are COVID-19-free. The protocol also stipulates that guests must wait 24 hours before entering the property following the cleaning process. The company consulted published standards from the US Centers for Disease Control, cleaning experts, and cleaning companies to develop the enhanced cleaning protocol.

It earns you a special call-out on your listing

This badge lets travelers know you’ve committed to a five-step cleaning process. Airbnb has a minimum 72-hour buffer between reservations and requires that enrolled hosts adhere to the cleaning protocol. Airbnb also recognizes enrolled hosts by a special callout on their listings.

You can sign up for this program by visiting the Airbnb website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to review the guidelines and fill out an attestation form. This will earn you a special call-out on your Airbnb listing, indicating that you are committed to providing the highest quality of service to your guests. You’ll also enjoy an increased booking rate when your guests see your listing.

I Dream Clean’s enhanced cleaning process entails five additional steps for hosts, which are specifically designed to prevent the spread of the disease COVID-19. This new cleaning process involves the use of a mask while cleaning, and hosts are required to be 10 feet away from their guests while cleaning. To sign up for the program, hosts can sign up through their Airbnb account, review the guidelines and quiz, and agree to the attestation. Once approved, their listings will be tagged with the “Enhanced Clean” tag.

It reduces the amount of clutter in your rental

I Dream Clean has a reputation for having the best cleaning services in Las Vegas. The company uses a five-step process to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. These guidelines are based on recommendations from leading health experts. They use checklists and protective gear to ensure a thorough clean.

I Dream Clean also offers turn-over cleaning services. Their professionals are highly trained and have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They follow strict standards of cleanliness for Airbnb properties, which makes them an excellent choice for short-term rentals. The company has an excellent reputation in the Airbnb community and never cut corners.

The company’s enhanced cleaning program has become an increasingly popular option among Airbnb hosts. The program offers an additional cleaning step that will leave your property sparkling. To enroll in this program, you will need to complete an attestation and pass a quiz. Upon successful completion, you will receive a special call-out on your listing.

Enhanced cleaning is a great way to boost your bookings. Airbnb has introduced new guidelines for the company’s cleaning process, which are designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful airborne pathogens. These steps include wearing masks while cleaning and keeping a minimum of 10 feet away from guests. These measures will help keep your listings as sanitary as possible, and will ensure that your guests will feel comfortable during their stay.

It makes it easier to manage

When you are planning to list your home on Airbnb, make sure you choose a professional cleaning company that is certified by COVID-19. This standard is a great way to increase your chances of getting more bookings. Not only do they use the best tools to clean your home, but they also follow strict cleaning guidelines. They have a five-step process that includes protective gear and checklists.

I Dream Clean also offers turn-over cleaning services. Their staff are experienced in what they do and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. They also adhere to the strict cleaning guidelines set out by Airbnb. This is why they are a great choice for short-term rentals. You can rest assured that the cleaners will get the job done properly and will not cut corners just to make a profit.

The company also has an enhanced cleaning program that makes it easier for hosts to improve their cleaning standards. With this program, hosts are able to add an extra step to their cleaning process, making their property look sparkling. To qualify for the program, you need to pass a quiz and attestation process. Those who pass will receive a special call-out on their listing.

If you are interested in booking an Airbnb enhanced cleaning service, you can visit the company’s website to learn more. They offer tips and checklists, as well as videos that teach how to clean Airbnb listings. The website also allows customers to add a special callout to their listing.