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The best of the Hawaiian Salts – Black Salt

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is also known as Black Lava Salt. This product is colored and blended with charcoal to create a decorative touch to your table. It can be placed on your food while cooking, or as a seasoning after you have finished cooking. The charcoal comes from burned up coconut shells and is said to be a detoxifying agent that also aides in digestion. Black Salt has a crunchy texture and unique, nutty flavor because of its mineral content. If you want to add a touch of subtle color or flavor to your meal, this is the product to choose. Sprinkle it on meats, popcorn, vegetables, or anywhere you like to use regular salt. For an added touch to those finger foods or just mix it with butter for a gorgeous spread. The contrasting colors and taste are exceptional.   One of the reasons why it is so delicious is because the location where the salt is harvested is virtually untouched. The ocean is free of pollutants or industrial runoff leaving the water clean, fresh, and pollutant-free.   The harvesting method is another reason this product is so special. They harvest it from a little island called Molokai in Hawaii. A solar evaporator is used to dry the salt. The pans inside each solar evaporator are sealed which allows the evaporation to take place at a slow pace. This in turn creates the perfect crystals of black salt. The electrolytes and traces of minerals stay. Many other salt processing methods that are used by larger chemical companies destroy these however. Small salt farms are the way to go if you want to create the best possible product out there. Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is proof of that. Table salt and Black Salt are two entirely different things. Table salt is chemically produced and contains 97% Sodium Chloride, is bleached and as very little nutrients. There as been so much negativity about salt in general that people sometimes think that all salt is bad. There are many health benefits and healing powers associated with using Black Hawaiian Sea Salt however it is a kosher salt. One of which is cleansing your body of toxins. Refined salt is more difficult to digest whereas an unrefined product like Black Salt will digest very easily and help to detoxify your system. It quickly dissolves in food making it easier to consume. It does not dissolve well in water however so most people prefer the food aspect.   You only need a little dash of these grains because the bold flavor goes a long way. A container of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt will last quite awhile when used properly. A great investment in your health and well-being, as well as your pocketbook.   This product is highly recommended for anyone who would like to add a little extra to their dishes. Whether that be food presentation, organic health benefits, or taste, Black Salt is the way to go. You can create beautiful and delicious gourmet meals even if you are not experienced. Impress those with even the most discerning palate when you cook with this addition.