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black truffle salt

Unique Pleasure Of Black Truffles

Black truffle salt is one of the most delicious ingredients for those scrumptious and extravagant desserts. The rich taste of this salt is an absolutely integral part of any delicious truffle recipe. Unfortunately, black truffle salt is not available everywhere and is quite difficult to find. To satisfy that craving for truffle, you can make your own at home using recipes with black truffle salt.

TRUNCHE SALT. Truffles are simply a type of puff pastry shell that are filled with a variety of fillings including cream, chocolate or other flavored sugary substances. Due to its wonderful shelf life, most online vendors now sell fresh truffle salt online and ship internationally. As authentic truffle salt often rivals truffle oil in cost/ ounces, be prepared to spend more for the superior quality salt but, because authentic truffle salt transcends in price/ ounce, is also quite affordable. If you don’t have a readily available supply of black truffle salt to use in your recipes, then try making them yourself.

BAKING. Unlike other types of salt, black truffle salt undergoes special preparation before it is cooked. In order to release its nutty flavor, the salt is made into coarse flakes that can only be acquired by evaporation. Therefore, in order to achieve good results in your cooking, you have to buy the best quality of this unrefined sea salts. This is why it is important to purchase this type of salt from well-known food stores which can guarantee its purity and freshness.

CRAFTING. Black truffle salt has a unique technique in terms of how it is crafted. Unlike other salts, it does not have an abundant amount of magnesium and sodium in its crystal structure. Because of this, it takes a bit more effort in order to grind it so that it will release the nutty flavor to the food that is being prepared. In this sense, it is very different from smoked or sea salt.

Aroma. Unlike any other types of sea salts, black truffle salt has a very strong and distinctive aroma that is very difficult to capture even with the use of expensive aromas such as floral fragrances or food aromas. Even when these scents are combined, the distinctive taste of black truffle is still remarkably noticeable due to its nutty and earthy flavor that is not unlike the taste of dark chocolate.

CRAFTING. It is said that the origins of truffle come from France. It is said that the French would often make a pudding called truffle-truffle that was filled with nuts. This pudding was served to high nobility back in those times. In time, this was considered a very expensive delicacy hence was only eaten by the elite.